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  • Retirement

    All You Need To Know About Your Retirement Corpus

    When we're young, not only do we think about our current necessities, we have to also think about our future. Saving up for the future, to have a relaxed retired life is supremely important – which is precisely where the retirement corpus comes into the picture. Here's what you have to keep in mind when you start planning your retirement corpus:

    Start right away:

    Don't wait too long to start contributing to your retirement corpus – you have to set aside a specific percentage of your income towards your retirement corpus, and the earlier you do, the better it will be for you. Plus, if you start making this investment in the early years itself, you can also experiment with the investment options you have. So start as soon as you can and stay worry-free. Retirement Corpus

    Decide the corpus amount:

    What kind of life do you wish to live in your retired life? What do you wish to do – travel, do all the things you always wanted or just live a relaxed life in a beach house? You know best how you would like to spend the later stages in your life – which means it's you who has to decide the amount of the corpus. Reverse calculating this corpus amount will help you know how much you should be set aside now. So set your goals and get started.

    Choose a plan carefully:

    There are a lot of retirement plans out there – make sure you have your research well in place and make it a point to check if these schemes or plans fit in carefully with what your goals and requirements are. A lot of retirement corpus plans come with a lot of benefits tied up with them – you're free to make the right choice amongst the host of options you have.

    Watch your corpus:

    After you've zeroed down a plan, make sure you start investing right away. And after this, don't just ignore the plan saying – it's done, we'll just see what we receive what we were promised at the end of the tenure. This isn't the right approach. Instead, you can keep track of this plan and make sure it is growing as per your expectations and doesn't merely stagnate. You always have the option to switch plans, so keep an eye on the returns your existing plan fetches you....

  • Finance tips

    Finance Tips For Students

    You may wonder – why do I require finance tips when I'm a student? Well, everyone requires proper financial planning which helps them cruise through effortlessly. So what financial aspects you need to keep in mind as a student? Here are a few tips which may interest you:

    Get an internship:

    A college-going student has so many needs – academic, extra-curricular and entertainment. And for all of it, you have to depend on the pocket money your parents give you. Why not think of getting a bit independent and looking out for an internship in the field of your interest which will fetch you enough money with few hours of work daily. Chart

    Chart down your expenses:

    Even though you're a student, you will have your share of expenses – stationery, transport, fuel, food, takeouts, copies and of course, the fun part too – that requires a lot of money too. Chart out your, and all you have to do is keep your expenses within your income limits.

    Avoid student loans:

    A student loan isn't as easy as it seems when it comes to repaying. So avoid these student loans to the best possible you can. Most students go overboard when it comes to the amount of loans they sign up for – they end up taking loans of higher amounts which makes it even harder to repay. Try and opt for scholarships or look out for other sources from where you can generate income in case you find difficult to manage your fees. Credit card

    Avoid credit cards:

    The main reason why students end up spending uncontrollably and end up with nothing is hand is this – credit cards. So try to avoid using the credit cards in hand – it's best to opt for debit cards or other methods of payment which ensure your spending is under control.

    Try to invest:

    It's too much to ask of a student to save and invest, but hey, it isn't entirely impossible! Sign up for a small investment plan where you can manage to save every month. This will also ensure that you have saved enough to cover you for a rainy day. It may be tough to save, but you can always try! You will thank yourself later for this little emergency corpus you've created!...

  • Finance

    Financial Literacy In The U.S

    The U.S.A is home to many wealthy people, but contrary to popular expectation America is lagging behind when it comes to Financial Literacy. The Standard and Poor’s Rating Services conducted a Survey, the results of which show that the U.S does not even make it to the top ten in the list of the most financially literate countries. Only 57% of Americans were able to answer the questions in the survey. Amongst the people surveyed, the millennials in the U.S. had literacy rates lower than that of middle-aged adults. This is where developing an understanding of investment opportunities, the latest market trends and the functioning of the economy become essential to growing your wealth by making the right financial choices. Here are some simple ways by which you can improve your financial literacy –

    1. Use resources provided by the U.S Government –

    The American government is taking up many initiatives to make sure its citizens have increased access and more opportunities to educate themselves on personal finances. The govt has also declared a Financial Literacy Month with an aim to create awareness on the need for the same. Apart from this the government also allows access to the websites mentioned below -
    • Financial Literacy and Education Commission
    • MyMoney.gov

    2. Read and gain –

    Magazines and Newspapers play a significant role in educating individuals in matters of money. You can begin with reading the Finance section of your regular newspaper. Then move on to reading finance specific newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Magazines such as Barron’s, Fortune, Money and Forbes too are worth a read.

    3. Financial information T.V programs –

    Television programs offering financial information are of great help as they simplify information and make it easier to understand complex concepts. Many of these programs also invite experts in the field to speak and answer questions asked by viewers, wherein you too can send in your doubts and queries. T.V Channels that broadcast these programs are; CNBC TV, Bloomberg TC, CNN, Fox Business News, and Nightly Business Report. Tv program

    4. Join a club –

    Investment Clubs are formed for the sole purpose of learning investment techniques. You can learn how to invest in stocks and make a return on investment. One such club is the National Association of Investors Corporation, which is a non-profit organization that offers practical investing experience and investment education.

    5. Take classes –

    There are many financial education centres in the U.S where you can take classes or courses on subjects that will aid your ability to manage finances. Class

    6. The internet of all things –

    Online resources that can help improve your financial literacy are in abundance. Some examples are the finance tab on news websites and the educational tutorials...

  • Company

    Financial Companies That Have Made Their Mark In The Industry

    1. Blackstone

    Essentially an alternative assets management and financial services organization, Blackstone does not have a long history. The organization was set up in 1985. It's generally youthful when contrasted with a few other financial services giants. The organization detailed noteworthy lose amid the economic turmoil of 2008. However, the organization proceeded to report benefits in the next couple of quarters. This driving fund organization has practical experience in land, investment, and private equity.

    2. J. P. Morgan Chase And Co

    It's one of the greatest financial organizations on the planet. J. P. Morgan Chase and Co's head office is situated in New York, United States. Quarterly benefits of the organization are in billions of dollars, and it reserves an expansive number of global business conglomerates. At present, this financial organization is available in well more than 50 distinct nations everywhere throughout the world. J.P. Morgan Chase and Co are mainly known for its extraordinary off-shore banking services. The organization has likewise settled itself as a central player in the stock market financing field. Goldman Sachs

    3. Goldman Sachs

    Headquartered in New York, Goldman Sachs is an outstanding worldwide financial service giant. The organization cam back into reality in 1869. Today, the organization has a substantial world presence. Goldman Sachs is a bulge bracket investment keeping bank and securities organization.

    4. Banco Santander-

    A Spanish financial supplier, the Santander Group, is altogether focused on Banco Santander. In the Eurozone, Banco Santander is the greatest managing an account establishment. Regarding market capitalization, it is one of the most significant banks throughout the world. The head office of this global financial service giant is situated in Santander, Spain. This organization started in the year 1857. In 2010, the Forbes Magazine Global positioned it as the sixth most prominent organization on the planet. Credit Suisse's  

    5. Credit Suisse-

    The second most prevalent financial company dependent on the criteria recorded above, Credit Suisse's home office are situated in Switzerland. This Zurich based organization appeared more than a century ago. Alfred Escher established it in 1856. This Swiss worldwide financial service company has well more than 250 branches in Switzerland alone. The organization has a strong presence in around 50 nations everywhere throughout the world.

    6. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China-

    Popularly known as the banking giant of the world, 'Industrial and Commercial Bank of China' is headquartered in Beijing, China. It is a most likely financial organization of this size which is constrained by the Chinese government. Three other huge banking organizations are controlled and overseen by the Chinese government. The bank was established as a restricted organization couple of years back in 1984. Considering the absolute market value, 'Industrial and Commercial Bank of China' can put countless financial organizations on the planet to disgrace! The Forbes Magazine positioned it as the seventh greatest open organization everywhere throughout the world in the year 2011....

  • Do’s and Don’ts of applying online loans for short term purposes

    Many people over the United Kingdom tend to avail loans online to meet emergent financial needs on short notices. People tend to find this way as a convenient manner of staying afloat during financially hard times. Due to such factors of providing immediate financial relief during broke periods, the majority of people tend to get carried away and abuse such system, which can ultimately cause heavy financial strain in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to effectively leverage the procurement of short term funds.


    ·        Do assess your current credit situation
    Regardless of whether you have availed a short term loan, it is imperative you apprehend and treat the short term funds procured as a loan and tend to manage and use it with caution. Remember to analyze your credit situation by merely taking a piece of paper and noting down your entire debts and revenue, along with the amount of interest you need to pay on such loan amounts every month. After effectively evaluating your figures, you can determine how much more to borrow accompanied by what you can afford.
    ·        Do formulate or plan repayments beforehand
    It is imperative you plan your repayment of the fund before actually receiving the borrowed amounts as to avoid strain in reimbursement of funds. Moreover, planning beforehand helps pay interest and EMI on time accompanied by ease of matching expenses with the budget.
    ·        Do read the prints
    It is crucial to read the fine copies of the financial agreement and ask relevant queries to avoid any confusion and ensure peace of mind in the prospective future.


    ·        Do not borrow more than you require
    Being a homeowner and when availing loans, you are most likely to get approved for more substantial funds than you need. This can become a mistake as it will become difficult to bear more substantial loan amounts contradicting to your predetermined estimates, especially when accompanied by unfavorable credit rating.
    ·        Do not roll over credit bills
    Regardless of being your first time availing borrowed funds via online or being an experienced loan applicant, it is crucial you do not leave any pending amounts or adding balance in your credit cards, as it can deteriorate your credit ratings and classify you as unfavorable applicants.
    ·        Do not borrow to pay off other loans
    Indulging in unwanted practices of availing a loan to pay off another existing loan can be a spell for disaster and push you into a debt trap. You should instead look for effective ways of managing funds to reimburse borrowed funds on time.
    ·        Do not fall prey to shady lenders
    When operating and seeking short term funds online, tread with caution as there are plenty of online scams or frauds claiming to be trustworthy lenders. Only determine those channels which are secure, provide sufficient background information and are reliable....