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All You Need To Know About Your Retirement Corpus


All You Need To Know About Your Retirement Corpus

When we’re young, not only do we think about our current necessities, we have to also think about our future. Saving up for the future, to have a relaxed retired life is supremely important – which is precisely where the retirement corpus comes into the picture. Here’s what you have to keep in mind when you start planning your retirement corpus:

Start right away:

Don’t wait too long to start contributing to your retirement corpus – you have to set aside a specific percentage of your income towards your retirement corpus, and the earlier you do, the better it will be for you. Plus, if you start making this investment in the early years itself, you can also experiment with the investment options you have. So start as soon as you can and stay worry-free.

Retirement Corpus

Decide the corpus amount:

What kind of life do you wish to live in your retired life? What do you wish to do – travel, do all the things you always wanted or just live a relaxed life in a beach house? You know best how you would like to spend the later stages in your life – which means it’s you who has to decide the amount of the corpus. Reverse calculating this corpus amount will help you know how much you should be set aside now. So set your goals and get started.

Choose a plan carefully:

There are a lot of retirement plans out there – make sure you have your research well in place and make it a point to check if these schemes or plans fit in carefully with what your goals and requirements are. A lot of retirement corpus plans come with a lot of benefits tied up with them – you’re free to make the right choice amongst the host of options you have.


Watch your corpus:

After you’ve zeroed down a plan, make sure you start investing right away. And after this, don’t just ignore the plan saying – it’s done, we’ll just see what we receive what we were promised at the end of the tenure. This isn’t the right approach. Instead, you can keep track of this plan and make sure it is growing as per your expectations and doesn’t merely stagnate. You always have the option to switch plans, so keep an eye on the returns your existing plan fetches you.

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